There might be an opening to become Drake's stepmom, as the rapper's dad, Dennis Graham, is reportedly in talks to land his own reality dating show that will chronicle his search for true love.

Insider sources tell TMZ that Graham and TV producer David Weintraub have spent the last week pitching the series to multiple networks, with tremendous success. Vice and WE tv have reportedly expressed strong interest in securing the series, with a deal expected to be announced sometime next week.

The show is expected to give an inside look at Graham's lavish lifestyle, his "clubbing, driving expensive cars and of course, all the fringe benefits of being Drake's pops," as well as the romantic element of his search for love. It is as yet unclear what kind of format the show will follow, whether it will be a competition-like program with eliminations or a personal docuseries. Keep it here for more details.

Drake's dad is known for his extravagant antics, from his signature over-the-top style, to following in his son's steps and releasing an R&B album. Graham also recently made headlines after he claimed Drake lied about their relationship "to sell records."

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