A recent profile by Architectural Digest spotlighted Drake's insane $100 million mansion. Fully customized to Drizzy's expensive taste, the residence even features a ridiculously extra bed with all the bells and whistles fit for the Champagne Papi.

In Drake's monumental bedroom suite sits a rare mattress by Swedish luxury bed maker Hästens. Dubbed “the world’s most luxurious bed,” mattresses can cost upwards of $200,000, with Drake's custom set-up — part of a collaboration with his designer Ferris Rafauli called Grand Vividus — is expected to cost as much as $400,000. And that's before linens!

The Rafauli x Hästens mattress is meticulously hand-crafted with wool, cotton, and horsehair, and sits atop a solid base of upholstered, debossed check-pattern nubuck with gold brass detailing. This all weighs roughly one ton, and takes roughly 600 hours to produce.

Of course, such a luxurious piece comes with premium service. The mattress arrives with no less than 25 years of free flipping and massaging by the Hästens service team. All worth it, as Drake says, "The bed lets you float."

To add some additional Drake-esque flourish, the best sits against a headboard, accented with antique mirror and channel-tufted leather, complete with a whiskey-and-­champagne bar on the reverse side. The mattress comes in two colorways — the tonal “Black Shadow” and the Hästens “Traditional Blue,” echoing the Swedish manufacturer's signature gingham print.

Head over to Hästens to find out more, or if you're trying to get your hands on one, you can join the waitlist along with all the other millionaires and billionaires with that much cash to drop on a bed.

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