Today a joint mission between NASA and Elon Musk's SpaceX will make history, marking the American space agency’s first journey with a private company. And you can stream the historic event.

The mission will send two astronauts, Bob Behnken and Douglas G. Hurley, from the Florida Coast to the International Space Station. The spacecraft dubbed Crew Dragon is the first to be manned by Americans since NASA’s Space Shuttle program ended in 2011, when the US began relying on Russian Soyuz rockets to launch astronauts into space.

This will be the first ever crewed spaceflight for SpaceX, and the first time NASA contracts out crew transportation to the commercial sector in a move that could usher in a new era of commercial space travel. Today's launch will be the rocket's first attempt, with backup opportunities scheduled for May 30 and 31.

You can tune in via the link below or SpaceX’s website at 9:33pm BST (4:33pm ET) to watch the rocket launch.

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