We cover shell cordovan leather a lot, mainly due to our love of fine dress shoes. But New York's Epaulet and Styleforum show us the equine leather's other application -- as casual sneakers. Styleforum is a pretty unexpected collaborator, but it looks like the sartorial group made some good decisions.

These '60s-style trainers are handcrafted in Portugal with cordovan sourced from Japan's Shiki Hikaku tannery which vegetable-tans it for months before sending them to Italy's Comipel tannery to dye and finish them. The result is immaculately clean, deep-colored footwear with a glossy patina that age beautifully with time. Featuring gum-toned Margom rubber cushion soles, the shoes are supple, lightweight, and comfortable.

Three of the five colorways -- cognac, oxblood and cigar -- are already sold out, and they're not even available for delivery until January or February of 2015. Don't miss out on the remaining colorways -- you should pre-order the navy and black pairs directly through Epaulet now before they sell out, too.

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