Highsnobiety / Nick Thompson

Screens have become a normal part of our waking lives. They are inescapable. You're looking at one right now. Here, we touch upon the screen as an extension of the senses in Fendi's modern FW18 collection. The storied Italian fashion house is typically known for its fur and leather goods, but here we explore some of its more contemporary offerings, such as the graphic logo pants, shiny check macs, and chunky sneakers.

This collection, which was originally shown back in January in Milan, signaled Fendi's return to the contemporary menswear landscape with a combination of big logos, vintage aesthetics, and a special graphic treatment by artist and meme-maker Hey Reilly.

This story is taken from Issue 17 of Highsnobiety magazine. You can buy the new issue here.

Highsnobiety / Nick Thompson


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