Continuing to showcase interesting and inspiring people from its home city of Boston, American sportswear label ’47 and Highsnobiety are turning their attention to designer and illustrator Fish McGill. A long-time resident of Boston and uncompromising in his craft, creativity and presentation of self, McGill is a truly unique guy.

A professor at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt), McGill’s love for Boston stems from the sense of fluidity that runs through the city. That same spirit runs through his playful and irreverent illustrations, which have become part of the fabric of MassArt’s identity, appearing on posters, flyers and even a mural on the college campus.

In our latest film with '47, McGill shows us around his daily workspace and talks about his process. We get a glimpse of his brightly-decorated MassArt classroom, a look at his extensive archive of illustrations and even footage of him at work, all the while hearing his take on creativity, success and how to live your truest self.

Time is a recurring concept chatting to McGill, from discussions on Boston’s unique architectural blend of historic structures and modern, futuristic developments, to the idea that true success is having the freedom and time to do what you want. Combined with an ability to reconfigure, reinvent and manipulate your perspectives, McGill’s attitude to creativity is fundamentally informed by a belief in change, adaptation and development that can only happen over time.

Watch the full film, above, before checking out how Boston's unique energy and soul plays into '47's own work.

Along with Boston’s ’47, Highsnobiety is telling the story of people who've helped turned one of the oldest cities in America into a cultural hub. With hometown pride and the fearlessness to define success on their own terms, these people embody ’47’s mantra to "let your you out.” Next, find out how Concepts' Deon Point used Boston’s tenacity to create a must-visit sneaker Mecca.

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