For better or most likely worse, 2020 has been a year many will never forget. A small company based out of the UK, called Flaming Crap, is looking to commemorate the few positives 2020 has had to offer, however, namely with a new candle and scent that encapsulates the year.

The limited edition "2020 Scent" candle incorporates four fragrant layers that take you on a journey through 2020. The scents of banana bread, hand sanitizer, DIY, and wood musks are a nod to the coronavirus pandemic that has ravaged much of the world, while there is one additional scent thrown into the mix: budget aftershave. This references Joe Exotic and the Tiger King documentary that captured everyone's attention in the early days of COVID-19. According to Flaming Crap, the earthy essence of the aftershave is symbolic of a product Joe Exotic would use to attract his next mate.

The "2020 Scent" candle, which has a burn time of up to 30 hours, is vegan-friendly, made with KeraSoy wax and recycled paper labels. It is currently available for pre-order through Flaming Crap's website, although according to their Instagram, there are only a few left of the original batch.

If you're keen on filling your house with the smells of 2020, follow the link below to purchase the candle today.

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