Frank Ocean's Blonde has officially been declared the third-largest album of 2016, clocking in behind of Drake’s Views and Beyonce’s Lemonade. Not bad, Frank.

Billboard has gone ahead and put together an estimate of how much profit the reclusive crooner could have raked in since the debut of Blonde and Endless earlier this month. As we know, Frank's visual album Endless was released as an Apple Music video stream via Def Jam/Universal Music Group, and the 17-song album Blonde followed as an Apple exclusive a day later on Ocean's label Boys Don't Cry, without involvement from Def Jam or Universal.

With estimates that Frank took a 70% chunk of Blonde's $2.12 million profits, the 28-year-old singer would have made $1.623 million from 232,000 album sales, and about $504,000 on 69.1 million streams. Once you factor in music publishing fees, Ocean would still net about $1.77 million from Blonde's first week, despite rumors that the album was pirated 750,000 times.

Check out the full breakdown on Billboard.

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