Halloweekend is almost upon us and if you're anything like the average American, you've left your costume to the last minute.

Time crunches can result in poor judgment so to save you the embarrassment, I'll spitball a few tired, offensive, or otherwise boring costumes: Holly Golightly, Donald Trump, a skeleton, a T-shirt that jokes about not having a costume, anything Coronavirus-related, anything you found in an "easy Halloween costume" listicle.

And please, don't be the person who shows up to a party in a "sexy Native American" costume.

Here, a non-exhaustive list of Halloween costumes we don't want to see. (And ICYMI, the costumes we're excited about.)

Squid Game

It's true, this site may have given you several ideas for dressing up as a Squid Game character.

But if you decide to wear a green tracksuit, a red jumpsuit, or even a creepy doll outfit to a party this weekend, trust and believe: you will be one of several people with the same exact costume on, and that's just boring.

True Crime References

Alec Baldwin and a certain gun have been in the press a lot lately, but that doesn't mean they're Halloween costume material.

Don't make light of tragedies, deaths, and murderers. This includes Gabby Petito, Brian Laundrie, and even more outdated references, like Charles Manson.

Sexy Bernie Sanders

Once again, I am asking that you not butcher Sanders's inauguration day look with this fast fashion replica by Dollskill.

Racist Caricatures

You'd think people would understand the concept of cultural appropriation by now but sadly, it bears repeating: do not dress up as another race or culture.

I'm looking at you, Chad. No "Dragon Lady" costumes. No sombreros. No bindis.


Edgelords, take note: it would be in extremely poor taste to dress up as the QAnon "Shaman" who stormed the Capitol on January 6. Far-right conspiracy theorists are a real-life horror, and not in a fun Halloween way.

"I'm a cat!"

If you were considering stopping by your local Party City for cat ears and calling it a day, you don't deserve any candy this weekend.

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