It looks like A Bathing Ape founder NIGO is firing shots at his old brand with the latest T-shirt drop from his post-BAPE imprint Human Made.

The tees feature an image from 1972 movie Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, specifically a protest scene in which a character holds a placard that reads "Go Human, Not Ape." Check out the design below.

The shirts are limited edition and will drop exclusively at Human Made's online store later today, August 8, as well as in Japanese stores.

Nigo left BAPE in 2013 having founded the Harajuku streetwear brand in 1993 and nurtured its growth for two decades. Under his leadership, BAPE became iconic not only in Japanese streetwear circles but among US rappers throughout the ’00s.

Two years before his departure, NIGO told WWD, "About two or three years ago, the brand and the company got too big for me to handle […] and the number of things I wasn’t able to control on my own increased, so I started looking for a partner." NIGO sold 90 percent of BAPE to Hong Kong’s I.T for $2.8 million in February 2011.

Watch the video below for more BAPE.

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