In case you didn't know, you can now buy Balenciaga's "IKEA-inspired" tote bag for a cool $2,145 USD. In comparison, IKEA sells their signature tote for just a dollar.

Following the ripoff release, however, the Scandinavian furniture and homeware retailer has since taken note and responded accordingly.

Now courtesy of a new advertisement from Swedish agency ACNE, IKEA explains "How to identify an original IKEA FRAKTA bag." It really is quite simple.

1. SHAKE IT If it rustles, it's the real deal.

2. MULTIFUNCTIONAL It can carry hockey gear, bricks, and even water.

3. THROW IT IN THE DIRT A true FRAKTA is simply rinsed off with a garden hose when dirty.

4. PRICE TAG Only $0.99.

So, which bag you going with?

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