If the NBA is the Wild West, Cleveland Cavalier J.R. Smith is the gritty loner cowboy who lives by his own rules. A case in point is his latest ink work, which Smith revealed when he shared a bunch of photos from preseason training on Instagram.

The point of the pictures wasn't to show the world that he's getting in shape ahead of a LeBron-less future for the Cavs, but to show he'd just got the Supreme logo tattooed across almost the entirety of his right calf. Take a look below.

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This isn't the first time Smith has rocked Supreme, although it’s certainly the first time he’s decided to rock it for life. Earlier this year, when the NBA collaborated with Supreme and Nike on a series of jerseys, varsity jackets, shorts, and sneakers, he was selected as the poster boy for the collection.

If any NBA player was going to get Supreme branding inked on his body, it was going to be Swish. He's an already heavily tattooed dude with a DGAF attitude, fitting perfectly with the brand's (sometimes) provocative tendencies. (It's best not mention that hiccup at the end of game one in this year's NBA Finals, though.)

What do you make of Swish's Supreme tattoo? Would you get one too? Let us know in the comments.

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