Cactus Plant Flea Market just released their first drop of 2019, and it's hard not to think that it's a nod to Kanye West. As a means to the start of the new year with a "fresh start" that many hope for, CPFM opted to spread that message with the "Born Again '19" hoodie with the caption “ye must be Born again”.

With the mentioning of "ye" and the launch of the hoodie coinciding with Kanye's first 2019 Twitter rant earlier today, which he re-embraces his love for Donald Trump and the MAGA hat, it's easy to think that this is definitely a reference to him.

West has been a topic of controversy this past year for his on-going support for POTUS, beefing with Drake, and much MUCH more. It's safe to say, many fans need a break or more commonly "miss the old Kanye", especially New Yorkers. The "Born Again" hoodie signifies a "you were thinking it, but you said it" White Chicks moment longtime fans kind of yearned for. Even the product's caption, "It's never to late to be yourself" can also easily be seen as a nod to the rapper, as Ye is commonly known for fighting for what believes in (no matter how ludicrous) in the eye of the public.

Unfortunately, for fans hoping this be reference, the bold message actually has nothing to do with Ye at all. Plot twist! According to CPFM, the caption is actually a biblical reference. The word "ye" came to be used as the objective case form of the singular "you" after 1300AD, according to the Free Dictionary. Thus, the intended meaning of the sweatshirt: “You must be born again.”

As Kanye West, is already starting 2019 off on a sour note, maybe a rebirth is what's needed. Pick up the new "Born Again '19" sweatshirt from Cactus Plant Flea Market’s web store for $240 USD.

In other news, Pusha-T reveals he expected Drake feud to last longer.

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