Kanye West has reignited his beef with Drake. Over a series of tweets on Thursday night, ’Ye claimed the “No Stylist” rapper had threatened him and his family, writing: “If anything happens to me or anyone from my family you are the first suspect.”

But it didn't stop there, West tweeted that there would be no Drake without Kanye West having paved the way first, and implied that Drake isn’t as tough as he thinks. He also criticized Drake about his treatment of those with mental health issues (Drake previously dissed Kid Cudi about his depression).

While Drake was the main target of most of the tweets, Kanye also pulls in Travis Scott, whose song, “Sicko Mode,” West says turned into a platform for Drake to covertly diss him. For the full rundown, peep all of the tweets below, in the order that they were tweeted.

In the first tweet above, Kanye West revealed that Drake's camp asked for clearance on a sample he produced, even before apologizing for dissing him on tracks. Ye's second tweet then references the verse that Drake did on French Montana's "No Stylist," while requesting for an apology.

With the intention of not letting go quietly, Kanye followed up with a barrage of tweets, demanding Drizzy apologize immediately because his initial request was not fulfilled months earlier. Peep the tweets below.

Kanye then directed the attention to the recent incident that involved Pusha-T during his performance in Toronto in November, as Pusha revealed that assailants were paid to attack him, allegedly by Drake's camp.

Eventually, Kanye's tactics worked, as he tweeted, "Drake finally called. Mission accomplished."

However, after all of the venting, Kanye took the last jab by saying that he's not clearing the sample. While Drake appeared to respond to the exchange by posting a series of emojis on his Instagram story.

While it seemed that the beef had ended there, West revealed that Drake had apparently threatened him. Whether this happened after the phone call is unclear.

West then talked about his and Cudi’s struggles with mental health and Drake’s reactions to that.

And claimed there would never be Drake without a Kanye West to pave the way.

Kanye also took shots at Drake’s apparent “tough guy” image, claiming he wasn’t all that.

Travis Scott then took some heat for his involvement.

Even Kim Kardashian got involved.

Kanye finished off his Twitter rant with some positive messages, claiming that he wasn’t trying to physically fight Drake, just get everything out in the open.

For more from Kanye West, he recently reached out to Bob Dylan on Twitter, requesting to meet with the legendary musician.

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