Kanye West and Lil Pump made waves when they appeared in their music video for “I Love It” wearing oversized, YEEZY-themed outfits. The sheer ridiculousness of the costumes spawned hilarious memes, a DIY video courtesy of Tabasko Sweet, and a viral dance challenge.

Now, YEEZY SUPPLY is officially selling the oversized ‘fits online. Fans can purchase both costumes for $200 on the site, which has them listed as “one size fits most.”

The pack of costumes ($200 gets you both Kanye’s and Lil Pump’s outfits) will ship to deliver before October 26 in the USA. This means if you were hoping to celebrate Halloween dressed as either of the artists, those in the United States should be able to do so.

Shop the costumes below.

I Love It Duo Costume


Kanye West

Sold Out at Kanye West

What are your thoughts on YEEZY SUPPLY’s decision to sell both costumes? Is this another stroke of genius on Kanye’s part, or is this simply too meme-y for you? Let us know in the comments.

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