On Wednesday, Kim Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner took the stage for a talk at the New York Times’ Dealbook Conference in Manhattan. In the audience was Kanye West, snapping pictures of his wife from his seat. That is, until he received a microphone and took center stage himself.

With Kanye in tow, the talk evolved into a conversation about family, their joint business empire and plans for the future. In a five-minute monologue, Kanye shared his thoughts on how being part of the Kardashian-Jenner powerhouse and his newly affirmed faith have shaped him.

Find the best moments from the interview below and head over to the New York Times to watch the video.

What being part of the Kardashian-Jenner business empire taught Kanye

If my family wasn’t so omnipresent, maybe I would just rest on my laurels of being the greatest artist in human existence and that would just be enough.

Kim says Kanye's involved in every aspect of her businesses

He picked our photographers, was involved in the castings for the models for Skims and colorways, I mean everything you could think of, so we really are, he’s like my ghost stylist and my ghost creative director.

Kim wants to start her own law firm

I just hope that one day I can start a firm that will help with prison reform. I would love to hire these men and women that are behind bars because they know the law better than most lawyers

Kanye is laying the foundations to start a church

But just as a male opinion, looking at my daughters and looking at my family and as we are starting this church and saying that this innovation and community and what we’re doing with education and what we’re doing you know in politics even now like we have 12, 500 acres in Cody, Wyoming.

'Ye on his finances

From my perspective, you know Jesus has already won the victory and it’s for me as a man, as a Christian, as a billionaire, as a founder of a $3 billion company to stand up and be — this has to be stated, because Forbes chose to call me a centimillionaire when I showed them the receipts of $890 million last year.

Kim is a co-owner of YEEZY

There was a fast-fashion brand, a few of them, and they would knock off Yeezy all the time, his color palette, designs. So this fast-fashion brand offered me a million dollars for an Instagram post [...] when I told [Kanye] about it he asked me not to do it and said out of respect [...] I gladly said no. And then for Mother’s Day, he handed me an envelope and it was a check for a million dollars saying ‘thank you for not posting for the other brand.’ And then — I don’t know if I’m supposed to say this or if I have — and a contract to be an owner in Yeezy as a thank you.

Kim on the future of the Kardashian-Jenner-West clan

I think we would be just continuing doing what we’re doing […] I hope that all my sisters and brother and everyone is just happy and living on a farm in Wyoming.

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