Kanye West appeared on a three-hour episode of the Joe Rogan Podcast and, while the length of the episode wasn’t surprising considering who was at the table, West’s candid responses about YEEZY were. Kanye and his team are usually tight-lipped when it comes to what goes on in Cody, Wyoming, but he was extremely transparent about a lot of things opposite Rogan.

One of the most interesting segments (for sneakerheads, at least) was when Kanye talked about the adidas YEEZY Foamrunner, which he was wearing during the episode. He told Rogan that the sandal, which is made using harvested algae, is completely manufactured at his factory in Cody and takes about 25 minutes to make.

Kanye also claimed that his Foamrunner was “one of the most important sneaker innovations” because it got rid of the traditional tongue in favor of a more ergonomic design.

One of ’Ye’s more jaw-dropping statements was that he wants the Foamrunner to cost $20 because “money isn’t real, so the world should eventually be free.” That price would make the Foamrunner, which retailed for $75 and resells for close to five times that on platforms like StockX, the cheapest YEEZY ever.

Watch the full episode of Kanye’s appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast below. Skip to the 1:20:00 mark for the Foamrunner talk.

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