The Beginning of the end for Brockhampton has begun. In a recent feature by GQ, the group's founder and leader, Kevin Abstract revealed that the band of ragtag artists does indeed have an end date.

Boy bands never stick together. Whether it's industry formed talents like N'Sync and One Direction, or groups of friends like Odd Future, all good things come to an end. When asked about the inevitable conclusion of Brockhampton, Abstract had this to say:

“This is going to be over in a few albums,” he reveals. “But that's okay. It's still a family.”

He didn't elaborate on when they will disband and if they will ever team up again. The group has had brushings with break ups in the past, including a five-to-six month break before the recording of GINGER to recharge the collaborative energy.

“It made me appreciate what we have within our group and our friendship after spending time apart,” said Romil Hemnani. “We started making the songs and I realized I love being friends with these guys and making music with them more than I actually love music itself.”

So, if the beginning of the end for Brockhamption has begun, it may not be finite. If it is, at least the group is going out on their own terms.

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