[UPDATE] August 1, 2017 6.00 a.m. EST — It looks like those Kmart Supreme tees weren't a one-off. After the initial Reddit thread was posted, users went to their local store to try to cop, taking to Reddit and Twitter to show off their hauls.

Reddit user CokeSlurpees had a pretty good weekend when he managed to cop a haul of Supreme T-shirts for just $4 each at his local Kmart.

After discovering a pile of American Apparel shirts, sold to Kmart after the brand folded earlier this year, CokeSlurpees probed further and stumbled across the blank Sup pieces in yellow, white, teal and green. How on earth did this streetwear bounty end up there?!

According to iD, the reason isn't all that complicated. Retailers like Kmart have been known to buy up liquidation stock when companies go under, selling the cut-price bulk orders for a tidy profit. Supreme has never revealed where it gets its blank T-shirts from, but many have long pegged American Apparel as a key supplier. When American Apparel went bust, instead of the tees going to Supreme, they've instead been sent to Kmart.

iD continues that normally labels are removed before items hit the racks, but for some reason, these shirts remained intact. After further investigation, Redditors noted how the colorways matched the yellow "Nun" shirt from SS17 and the olive Nobuyoshi Araki tee from FW16.

To quote the user Gomzey: "I swear y'all live in an alternate dimension where stuff like this happens." We feel similar, dude.

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