As you'd expect for a kid connected to the Kardashian klan, Stormi Jenner's first day of school fit was extra AF, and she wasn't even leaving the house.

Taking to Instagram, Kylie Jenner shared a cute vid of Stormi jumping up and down, clearly extremely hype to get her first day of homeschooling started. That said, she could have just been bouncing in celebration of her pink backpack, because it looks an awful lot like a tiny Hermès Togo Kelly Ado backpack, which retails for around $12k

Of course, several followers took to the comments to throw shade about a two-year-old owning such an expensive bag, like it's the first time we've seen Stormi in fits worth more than six months rent. Remember guys, this is a toddler who got a Chanel bag from DJ Khalid for her first birthday.

Stormi paired her Hermès with Air Jordans and an all-black fit, which may or may not have been selected to match her folks' sick whips, which you can see in the clip below. And, if you'd rather fawn over Travis Scott's car collection rather than his kid's clothing, you can take a closer look inside his garage here.

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