Lil Peep's management, First Access Entertainment (FAE), has rejected any responsibility concerning the rapper's death. This is according to court documents obtained by The Blast earlier this week.

FAE disputes allegations pitted by Peep's mother, Liza Womack, who claims the company supplied her son (real name Gustav Ahr) with drugs and pushed him to perform. Womack believes this pressure led to his death in 2017, which was officially ruled as an accidental overdose of synthetic opioid fentanyl and Xanax.

FAE reportedly argues that it cannot be held liable “for her adult son’s risky behavior and unfortunate but self-inflicted demise."

The statement continues, “Mr. Ahr cannot be deemed a helpless child in the eyes of the law. He was an adult. He co-owned and co-controlled the Joint Venture. This included his tour. Just as universities have little control over off-campus social activities, the FAE entities did not control or have the right to control Mr. Ahr’s personal life, including his drug use."

Elsewhere FAE state that, "Arm’s length business associates should not be strapped with a duty to protect each other from self-inflicted harm.”

Read the initial report here.

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