From music to clothing, cryptocurrency, and beyond — Lil Yachty has his manicured fingers in all aspects of culture. Unfortunately, it appears as though the rapper is no longer in the nail polish biz: On November 10, Yachty announced that he was departing Crete, the nail care brand he founded in late 2020.

We initially received news of Yachty's new line in December 2020 after he recently came out in support of a high school boy who was suspended for showing up to school with his nails painted.

The 17-year-old, named Trevor Wilkinson, was given an in-school suspension by Clyde High School in West Texas after being spotted with painted nails on campus.

In mid-December 2020, Yachty was approached by TMZ about the incident.

Yachty insisted the nail polish was harmless, adding that Wilkinson should be able to express himself freely. The musician went on to add that he dealt with similar situations in college.

With Crete, he hoped to help break the stigma and drop the barriers on men expressing themselves.

“I decided to make nail polish because I wanted to make something that felt more gender-neutral," Yachty told us. There might be a lot of kids who are interested in doing their nails but they feel it's too girly. So I wanted to make a paint line that felt more masculine, to help reel people in."

Aside from the Instagram Story and post, Yachty hasn't explained his sudden departure from Crete, which only launched a few months ago.

In a series of Instagram Stories, Crete said that "it was a privilege to work with [Yachty]," before plugging its latest drop.

"Lil Yachty's self expression opened the door to share our aligned mission. Working with him for the past year has been amazing, we know he's going to continue to kill it."

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