Louis Vuitton has followed up on its initial 2054 collection, with a second look at how luxury fashion is going to be in 24 years or so. The name of the collection plays on the theme of futurism by imagining Louis Vuitton two centuries after its founding year 1854.

This collection is optimistic in its presumption that ski-wear will be a big part of the modern wardrobe, implying that all the snow won't have melted away in a climate-related disaster. Although a few of the collection's graphics do speak to themes of global warming (or even cooling) as thermo-sensitive heat maps of the world appear on sweaters and T-shirts. Elsewhere, the collection includes a new technical black runner, space gray tights, metallic nylons, ergonomic waterproof bags, and a trompe l’oeil take on the classic monogram.

However, LV2054's most futuristic twist involves the label's in-house technique of compressomorphosis, which sees garments hybridizing as two pieces in one. In this case, as both apparel and a crossbody bag, as seen in the metallic monogrammed tee in the gallery below.

Louis Vuitton 2054 is available at Louis Vuitton from December 4

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