Supreme x Louis Vuitton is happening. Is this official confirmation that high fashion and streetwear are now one and the same? Probably so. "No New York men's conversation is complete without Supreme" gushed LV's Kim Jones, perhaps hoping people wouldn't remember that the house famously tried to sue Supreme for biting its logo back in the day.

The trouble with unveiling what's quite possibly going to be the most hyped collaboration in the history of the universe is that people aren't going to pay attention to much else. That's a shame, cos the non-Supreme stuff in LV's show was strong.

A homage to New York's history as a thriving hotspot of creativity, LV was all about the smart-but-cool vibes, with loose cuts, relaxed garments and outrageously luxe fabrics (obvs). Look past the barrage of box logos and you'll find easy-fit tailoring, some nods to workwear and some really sick silk pieces decorated with Art Deco motifs.

All pretty classic LV stuff, but you don't become the biggest luxury house on Planet Earth by changing your identity every season.

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