Mac Miller's fortune has officially been appraised at around $11.3 million in assets, including property and royalties, which will be divided among his closest friends and family.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Mac's trust left special instructions to give the vast majority of his belongings to his friends while the rest will go to his family. Reportedly, Miller's family will get more than $5 million in bank accounts, stocks and other unspecified assets, while his closest buddies will receive his most personal possessions.

Miller's trust stipulates that his friend Bryan Johnson will receive his collection of clothing and electronics, including his TV, laptop and iPads; about 20 pieces of jewellery collectively worth "tens of thousands of dollars" will be left to Q Chandler-Cuff;  Dylan Rectenwald will receive Miller's instruments and music equipment; while Jimmy Murton gets the late rapper's furnishings.

This news comes just 10 days after the anniversary of Mac Miller's passing.

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