Brand: William Cobbing x Maison Margiela

Season: Fall/Winter 2021

Buy: LN-CC

Editor's Notes: William Cobbing, the British sculptor known for his work with clay, isn't afraid to get his Margiela dirty.

John Galliano recruited the artist to make his mark (literally) on a selection of Margiela garments. The result is a one-of-one capsule of apparel and footwear splashed in paint and caked in clay during a special performance art piece, titled "Things In Things."

The fruits of Cobbing's performance are anything but fussy — white Tabi Mary Janes, typically pristine, are smeared with uneven gobs of gray-ish clay, a turn of events that would make any devoted fashion collector cringe.

A pair of black low-top sneakers are splattered with blue and green paint, but not in same manner as Margiela's "Paint Drop" sneakers. Wearing a clay mask filled with colorful paint, Cobbing slices through the mud, allowing the pigment to splash down on his shoes with a satisfying "splat."

In apparel, a red sweater appears to be dirtied by the residue of clay. A pair of jeans, painted white, feature a dab of lime green at the crotch.

They're intentionally "flawed" garments that poke fun at our own fussiness. Sneakerheads try to preserve their kicks, sending them off for periodical cleaning by experts. White shirts are kept away from potential offenders, including spilled coffee and dripping condiments.

Forces beyond are control will inevitably wear and tear at our beloved clothing. Instead of keeping it tucked away in a drawer, enjoy it — fashion belongs on the body, after all.

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