In response to the reinvigorated buzz surrounding Michael Jordan, Medicom Toy is releasing a new figure dedicated to MJ and the 1992 US men's Olympic basketball team. The "Dream Team" collectible has surfaced following the airing of ESPN's recent Michael Jordan documentary, The Last Dance.

The six-inch figure depicts Jordan in his number 9 Dream Team uniform, which is made from actual fabric. The attention to detail is second to none, as the toy comes with two interchangeable portraits and sets of hands, as well as a basketball, while MJ is also wearing leg and elbow sleeves and his "Olympic" Air Jordan 7s.

The 1992 Olympic team, more commonly referred to as the Dream Team, is arguably the greatest sports team ever assembled. Alongside Jordan, the roster consisted of Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, Scottie Pippen, and numerous other Hall of Famers.

With the six-inch Michael Jordan figure scheduled to release in April of 2021, you can go ahead and pre-order it by following the link below.

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