To borrow a well used phrase, winter is coming. And while most of us don't want to acknowledge the end of summer nor think about when the days of rocking shorts and slides will soon be a distant memory, Twitter has delivered a new meme that makes the change of seasons way more bearable.

It's called "can’t wait till it gets colder so I can really start dressing," and not only is it hilarious, it provides a much-needed reminder that being cozy AF (aka leaving your house wearing an actual duvet/comforter all winter long) is majorly underrated.

Check out our roundup of the best "can't wait till it gets colder" memes below.

Gonna be snug as Skeppy

And nail that portable bed vibe

Not to mention hella on trend

Also, Halloween

Winter, can you hurry up, please

Some of us just wanna get our BAPE on

Like Ron Swanson, for example

Or Joey from Friends

Migos are pumped, too

As is this guy

Drake's got winter in his feelings

Did someone say dressing?

Meanwhile in Florida

Are you ready for winter? Let us know in the comments

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