Last year, we premiered Michael Casper's sultry yet bleak R&B-inflected slow-burner "black lipstick." It's a seductive track, one that is meditative on modern romance without being overtly analytical. Now, Casper has unveiled a lo-fi, VHS-style visual accompaniment, accentuating the song's darker tendencies. Check it out below.

"What do you do when the person of your dreams turns out to be real?" Michael Casper asks regarding the song's conception, before adding that it is "a story of meeting someone for the first time and instantly knowing that they’re the one. After this brief introduction you’re convinced that there’s no one else for you. You’ve felt this way before, but you try telling yourself it’s different this time. You’re left with a feeling of dissatisfaction from not knowing what this will become. You’ll do anything to be with them.”

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