There is no denying the legacy of Michael Schumacher – a man regarded as one of, if not the greatest driver Formula 1 has ever seen. In 2012 he retired from motorsports after a 21 year-long career, with 91 wins under his belt.

Through his iconic years as the frontman of Ferrari and the countless records he set – many of which he still holds – Schumacher cemented his status as a sporting legend.

In 2013, only a year into his retirement, Schumacher suffered a severe brain injury following a ski crash that forced doctors to place him in a medically induced coma, leaving fans shocked and devastated. Over the years, his condition has improved behind closed doors; for the first time, the public will get a closer look at his recovery, life, and legacy in Schumacher, the newly launched Netflix biopic.

The documentary promises an intimate portrait of the man behind the wheel through archival footage and exclusive interviews, offering a generation that has grown up watching Lewis Hamilton an opportunity to learn about the driver that paved the way.

As we prepare to relive the spectacle of Michael Schumacher's incredible career, we look back at his iconic style moments on and off the tarmac.

Ah, the pre-iPhone era, how could we forget it? No touchscreens and no Instagram might sound like a nightmare, but the pinnacle of function – wearing your phone as an accessory — is everything but.

Oakleys on, leather briefcase in hand, phone at the ready; this is a man that means business, and by business, we mean being a seven-time world champion. Finishing the look with a wacky, oversized patterned shirt? Prada SS20 would be proud.

There's an old adage that goes, "after the race is the after-party," and we can only imagine that's where Schumacher was headed in this 'fit.

From the floral print and oversized collar on the shirt to the capped brown leather boots, this may well be the pinnacle of F1 style. Before western buckled belts were the accessory of choice for influencers worldwide, Michael was going full trophy-buckle style, complete with Ferrari branding. Talk about employer loyalty.

Stand back Frank, Tyler, and Rocky – Michael Schumacher is the true king of bike-life style. It's one thing to look stylish while riding a bike, but to compliment the palette of your fit with your bike as an accessory? That's premium.

This shot from a 1991 Mercedes training session is the epitome of '90s sportswear, complete with track pants tucked into white socks and sneakers. Next time you're sourcing vintage Three Stripes off Depop for a rave, make sure you salute the king of speed.

Somewhere between Point Break and Sharkboy and Lavagirl is where this fit lives. While the shark-toothed necklace and graphic V-neck tee are probably best left alone, it would be criminal to call this pair of shades "uncool." If the Oakley OVERTHETOP can make a comeback, the Oakley Penny should, too.

While the term sneakerhead might be a push given Schumacher's love of capped leather boots and dress shoes, the German driver's footwear choices behind the wheel deserve some attention. During the late 90s and early 2000s, Nike's affinity for sporting champions turned its interest to the world of racing.

Naturally, as the reigning world champion at the time, the Swoosh set its sights on Michael and Ferarri as its F1 muse.

The result of the partnership was the Nike Air Zoom Schu, a red and black suede high-top boot with design cues reminiscent of the Uptempo line. The champion stepped onto the podium flexing an estimated 18 pairs of the exclusive sneakers over four years. Additional special editions of the shoe would release during this period, including the Zoom Turf Schumacher which saw a retro rerelease in 2014.

The partnership was, however, short-lived, with FILA obtaining the rights to Ferrari's apparel and shoes in 2002. Despite this, the style and speed legend was so fond of his Nike pairs that he requested FILA base its design on the Air Zoom Schu.

Louder in design than its Nike counterpart, the FILA shoe retained the obligatory racing red and black colorway – keeping the legend's footwear game on 100 on and off the track.

The style that stands out above them all – the style that encapsulates Michael Schumacher's enduring career and thrill of the F1 is his red Ferrari racing suit. Worn for Michael's final five championships, this uniform is synonymous with the apex of motorsport and remains a symbol of one of the greatest racing careers of all time.

You can watch Schumacher now on Netflix.

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