MTV has announced a global reboot of its beloved reality TV show, Cribs. The program will debut on MTV's international channels on October 26, before coming to the US in early 2021, Variety reports.

The MTV Cribs reboot will feature Caitlyn Jenner, Stefflon Don, Glee star Kevin McHale, and other celebrities as they take viewers on an all-access tour of their respective homes.

The show first aired in 2000 and ran for 13 seasons, before shuttering in 2008. It received multiple reboots in the years following, including ones in 2010 and 2011, a short-form Snapchat version in 2017, a UK adaptation in 2019, and a football-centric variation earlier this year.

With the reboot on the way, we thought there was no better time to look back at some of the best episodes of MTV Cribs. So see below for house tours by Tony Hawk, 50 Cent, Destiny's Child, and more.

Tony Hawk

Of course, Tony Hawk has his own skatepark at his SoCal property. But let's not forget the stretch of private beach, too.

50 Cent

50 Cent's Connecticut home has an insane 19 bedrooms and 35 bathrooms.

Destiny's Child

Was anyone really surprised to see that Beyoncé had the best room? What was never explained, though, is why Michelle Williams didn't live at the lakefront mansion.

Ja Rule

This episode was truly epic, seeing as Ja Rule didn't actually own the house. The cameos by JAY-Z, Vin Diesel, and Michelle Rodriguez were a nice touch, either way.

Missy Elliott

Why yes, Missy Elliott does have her own ballroom, complete with a baby grand piano because it's "sexy." Also, Versace bedding is a huge flex.

Playboy Mansion

Do we even need to explain why Hugh Hefner's six-acre LA estate is so legendary? It has to be the spider monkeys, right?


Redman's Staten Island home is amazing because it's a bit...shit. But on the flip side, it was absolutely hilarious how he made fun of the entire thing. A personal favorite has to be the walk-in closet.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson's 74-acre private island is a no-brainer to make the best of MTV Cribs list because simply that — it's a 74-acre private island. And it doesn't hurt that he had Mariah Carey just out there chilling.

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