The first few days of the new NBA season are in the books, with high-flying action on the court providing entertainment in spades. While most fans will be focused on how teams are setting up on the court and gelling after off-season moves, the start of the season also means the return of the infamous pre-game runway.

Highsnobiety has covered the NBA’s pre-game runway many times over, featuring some of the best-dressed players, but also critiquing the overall style and growing inauthenticity of the phenomena. What used to be candid snaps before a game has turned into a marquee event that several teams have sold to sponsors.

Still, the NBA keeps getting more stylish and there are a lot of noteworthy fits to be found on the NBA red carpet. Below, we’ve outlined some of our favorites from the first few days of the 2021 NBA season.

The most noteworthy NBA fits from Week 1 of the 2021 NBA season

LaMelo Ball

Who else do you know that matches his fit to his Lamborghini truck? Say what you want about LaMelo’s outfit — a lot of people have been comparing it to a tennis ball — it’s definitely eye-catching and not for the faint of heart.

Kyle Kuzma

Did we miss the yellow memo? Kyle Kuzma’s outfit for the Washington Wizards’ first game comes close to Melo’s, but isn’t quite as bright. Whether that makes it better or worse is for you to decide.

LeBron James

LeBron James hasn’t been immune to tailoring faux-pas in the past (remember the Thom Browne suit shorts?) but this latest from the kid from Akron, Ohio shows LeBron still means business, even after almost two decades in the league.

P. J. Tucker

The NBA’s sneaker king has become more interested in fashion as time has gone on, with some of his fits rivaling the best in the league. This latest one might be an acquired taste, but it sure looks comfortable. Also peep those yet-to-be-released CDG x Nike Air Foamposites.

Donovan Mitchell

Donovan Mitchell went for a very earthy fit, pairing Fear of God loafers with similarly-hued basics. The only stand-out piece is the patterned bomber jacket, which fits perfectly in with the overall earthy theme.

Russell Westbrook

We’re not saying we love Russell Westbrook’s outfit, but we’re not saying we hate it either. The burgeoning fashion icon, who hangs out with Anna Wintour and just graced Highsnobiety’s digital front page, played beautifully with colors and silhouettes ahead of opening night. The addition of the scarf is just *chef’s kiss*.

Josh Christopher aka JayGup

Cozy is the name of the game for JayGup, whose flared jeans and LV Trainer combination is one of the best we’ve seen so far this season.

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