Earlier today, the NFL released a statement in regards to tackling systemic racism. In response, some of the league’s players have released a video demanding the NFL does more. Specifically, the group of players — including Patrick Mahomes, Odell Beckham Jr., Tyrann Mathieu, and Ezekiel Elliott — want the NFL to condemn racism, admit it was wrong in silencing protesting players, and plainly state that Black Lives Matter.

This, of course, refers to Colin Kaepernick’s peaceful kneeling protest in 2016, which was adopted by several other players. The protest proved controversial, as many conservative NFL fans, players, and owners spoke out about the protest, citing a “disrespect for the flag and the military that protects American freedoms.”

Kaepernick was ultimately forced out of the league — in large part due to his protests — and became a scapegoat as the NFL tried to stamp out the peaceful protests.

The players and many fans remember the NFL’s active role in attempting to silence these players at the time, which is why the league’s latest statement in support of George Floyd was seen as insincere. In the video above, which comes in direct response to the NFL’s statement, the players take turns saying the names of black victims of police brutality.

The video follows New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees saying he’d “never agree with anybody respecting the flag of the United States of America.” Watch the video above check out the NFL’s statement here.

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