The global job market is notoriously dire right now, especially for millennials and college grads. Thankfully, Nintendo Japan is recruiting 81 new graduates directly out of school.

Digital games analyst Daniel Ahmad was poking around Nintendo's recruitment page and discovered the game company boasts enviable average salaries, work hours and benefits.

They're looking for everything from music producers and game developers to administrators and interpreters.

On top of an average $80,600 salary, Nintendo offers commuter benefits, bonuses twice a year, and annual pay raises. Given the 13.5 year average length of employment, it's clearly somewhere worth sticking around.

The fact that the average workday comes in under eight hours is the real clincher, though. Even though working conditions in Japan are set at eight hours per day, employees frequently work between 50 and 60 hours a week. This culture has lead to young Japanese people literally working themselves to death.

Nintendo is bucking the trend and, as an industry leader, could be paving the way for a greater emphasis on employee satisfaction.

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