Another week, another hilarious comments roundup, and the critics, otherwise known as our loyal readership, are out in full force. We love hearing what you have to say, so we have done a deep dive on all our platforms to present a roundup of your most hilarious feedback, in the hopes that you enjoy the shade as much as we do. With that being said, keep the cringe-worthy puns, and for better or worse, poor humor, coming, so we may all be amused by your biting remarks.

This week, we were excited to present our collection with Maison Margiela, and we would like to thank some of our fashionable followers, who were so eager to nitpick everything about it. Virgil Abloh must have felt much the same way when he unveiled his latest Off-White™ x Nike collab and people reacted by noting the similarities between the luxury kicks and a certain surly teenager.

In other news, when Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's daughter celebrated her second birthday, commenters applauded the makeup-mogul and rapper for keeping things low-key with a small get-together. People were also blown away by the absolutely riveting and entirely unexpected new Fast & Furious trailer. And readers in the USA were understandably outraged, once again, when we posted about news that wasn't America-specific, because the internet is exclusive to the land of the free, right?

Be sure to keep your funny, interesting, and bizarre comments coming, and in the meantime, check out the stories about Virgil Abloh's new sneaker, Elon Musk's musical career and many more.

How long have you been holding on to that one, Dave? ?

Original Post: Maison Margiela Reveals First-of-Its-Kind Collaboration With Highsnobiety

10. "'Ready to wear garments.' I should hope they were ready to wear! Don't wanna have to buy clothes and sew them together myself!" - Dave Knight

I don't get it, there's no one in the picture

Original Post: You Can’t Buy Virgil Abloh & Drake’s Matching Arc’teryx Jackets, Unless You’re in the Army

9. "Who farted?" - davidmcmillan8

Pff is Europe using the internet again?! ? You know it belongs to America!

Original Post: You Can Now Stream Studio Ghibli Films on Netflix

8. "'Outside North America,' smh same thing for 'Uncut Gems' y’all said it was on Netflix. I look it up and this shit not even in North America again. This is America mf I want American news ?" - Ev JW 

Who's Vin Diesel pointing a gun at though?

Original Post: Here’s Why Twitter Is Freaking Out Over the New ‘Fast & Furious 9’ Trailer

7. "I’m really impressed with the direction they’ve taken with this one, completely different from the others." - Bryce Sparky Fisher

It really was just a small get together

Original Post: Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Pulled Out all the Stops for Stormi’s Lavish Birthday Party

6.  "Great to see that they try to raise her in a really humble and normal way that is no different from other children." - Spielerhasser

The Nike Zoom Nopes

Original Post: Here’s Your First Look at Matthew Williams’ New Nike Zoom MMW 4

5. "This is for all of the people with bunions wtf is this ?" - Justin Smith

4. "*checks calendar* nope, not April 1st." - Dave Thorp

*seriously doubting his vibe rn*

Original Post: Elon Musk’s Track Got 2.6 Million Streams but It’s Still Not a Vibe

3. "Post Elone" - Ghazi Gharbi

2.  "I no longer want to be part of this simulation" - Em Jay Arianne

Billie Stylish

Original Post: Virgil Abloh Reimagines the P-6000 for His Latest Nike x Off-White™ Collab

1. "Oh, look, it’s Billie Eilish" - bob_derommelaere

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