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For Fall/Winter 2017, Patta’s #SSS Team consisting of Violette Esmeralda and Ace Dia has once again called on Mila van der Linden to present 50-plus minutes of visual assault. Mila has in turn been cranking out some incredible videos pairing the unique musical taste of Vic Crezée and the unapologetic energy of Amsterdam’s own vogue House “House of Vineyard.”

In addition to the aesthetic — showcasing Shiva, Naimah, Barbie, Thaynah, Juju and Amber Vineyard in Patta’s latest FW17 styles — Vic made a new mixtape featuring female artists spanning several genres, following a series of photographic projects.

After getting a look at the lengthy visual above, you can then see below to stream the musical compilation.

In other style news, BAPE has launched an online store dedicated to its Pirate line.

Not NYC, not LA.