That terrifying eyeball maneuver Pennywise performs in the IT series isn't a CGI after effect. It turns out Bill Skarsgård can do it on cue. His costar, Bill Hader explained how he learned this piece of trivia on Conan earlier this year. And– with the release of It Chapter Two receipts from the exchange have found their way back into the public purview and the internet is finding the exchange extremely relatable.

As Hader recounts in the video above, the images show him asking Skarsgård if the eye contortion is "a digital thing?" The Pennywise actor apparently responded "Oh, you mean this?' much to Hader's horror. In the interviewing months since the story aired the interaction has been given the meme treatment, proving that Bill Hader is all of us.

Scroll through some of the funniest and most real incarnations of the meme below.

Everyone's a fan

Because socializing is hard

And so is keeping your cool

Thank God for Bill Hader

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