Let's do some math. PLACES+FACES + Xbox = a brand new capsule collection celebrating Xbox Cloud Gaming and P+F's global presence. 

The beauty of cloud gaming is having access to your favorite games, your saves, and connecting with your friends across borders for a session of Call of Duty: Warzone. In the same way that the cloud gaming revolution has allowed us to stay connected, PLACES+FACES has been a dominant force in fashion, lifestyle, and music, seemingly being everywhere, with everyone

For the first time, these shared global communities are coming together for the launch of a capsule collection. The drop consists of the cloud gaming pouch, which borrows its aesthetic from P+F's fan-favorite baggage options, and allows you to carry your chosen play device with you on your travels. 

With gaming, the power is in your hands, so it's only right that the limited-run includes a customized, co-branded Xbox wireless controller colored in a red-orange gradient representative of shooting on film. A selection of apparel options are also available, in the form of co-branded t-shirts and hoodies. 

Ciesay and Soulz's photographic talents bring the collection's campaign to life, presenting a video and images featuring talents from across music, YouTube, and gaming. 

The full PLACES+FACES x Xbox collection, including 1-month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, will launch online from October 21. 

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