The popularity of trading card games has gone through the roof since the beginning of 2020. Maybe international lockdowns helped, or maybe it was live pack openings racking up millions of YouTube views. Whatever happened, Pokemon is back in a big way and the 8-year-old in us all is yearning to get collecting again. Where to begin, though? Well, the Pokemon Eevee Heroes Set drops on May 28 and you can secure your set from StockX.

Tipped as the most hyped Japanese Pokemon card set to release in 2021, the Pokemon Eevee Heroes Set received so much demand that its second round of Eevee Heroes pre-order was subject to a lottery system. The set revolves around cute little Eevee and its less cute evolutions, known as Eeveelutions. Eevee Heroes will introduce full art cards for all of Eevee’s evolutions as well as containing more alternative art cards than any single Pokemon card set has before.

The new Japanese language Eevee Heroes Set will hold 69 cards plus Secret Rares that have yet to be revealed. Leafeon V, Flareon V, Vaporeon V, Glaceon V/VMAX, Jolteon V, Espeon V, Sylveon V, and Umbreon V/VMAX will all make appearances in the set. Entei, Pikachu, and Raichu will also be featured.

How can I bypass the Pokemon Eevee Heroes pre-order?

If you missed out on the Eevee heroes pre-order, there are three main ways to get your hands on Eevee Heroes booster packs. Eevee Heroes Booster Boxes will come in the standard Japanese Pokémon card format where the box holds 30 booster packs with each pack containing five cards each. The Eeveelutions Set contains two Eevee Heroes Booster Boxes, and Espeon VMAX promo card, 64 card sleeves, a deck box, and a card storage box. For those most interested in the rare full art promo cards, though, the Eevee Heroes VMAX Special Set is the one. Each box is home to a special VMAX pack that contains one of four Eevee Evolution promo cards in the form of either Vaporeon VMAX, Jolteon VMAX, Flareon VMAX, or Espeon VMAX in addition to three reverse holo Energy cards that matches the Energy-type of the Eeveelution card found in the pack.

How much does the Pokemon Eevee Heroes Set cost?

Releasing on May 28 through the Pokemon Center, Booster Boxes were reselling for as low as $57 while the Eeveelutions Set retailed for around $107 and the VMAX Special Set for just under $20. StockX market data shows that the Booster Box 2x Lot has sold at a high point of $326 averaging at $247.

Brand: Pokemon Type: Eevee Heroes Set Release date: May 28, 2021 Price: $20-$107

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Eevee Heroes Booster Box 2x Lot

Eevee Heroes Booster Box 2x Lot



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