Brand: Polo Ralph Lauren x MLB

Season: Fall 2021

Release Date: October 7

Buy: Bodega

Editor's Notes: When the leaves start changing, the baseball season begins wrapping up. Before the finals truly get under way in mid-autumn, though, Ralph Lauren and the MLB are getting back together for another round of all-American classics done the Polo way.

It's plenty classier than the citywide slugfest currently dividing sports fans in Boston and New York. Relax, fellas, you're both plenty irritating.

Ralph and the MLB first came together in 2018 and have only gotten better since then. Just behold the streamlined simplicity of Polo's latest MLB gear: you've got classic leather/wool varsity jackets, hoodies, sweats, and a tote bag all topped off by thematic New Era caps realized in surprisingly subtle shades of black and grey. No madras check here, this is a quiet, sophisticated Polo line.

There's plenty of Ralph branding, though the ponies are absent. Instead, you've got loads of team logos, a plentiful assortment of heavy-hitters from the Dodgers and Cubs to those incorrigible Yankees and Red Sox.

It's kind of funny that of all the American sports that've crossed over into the realm of proper fashion, none have transitioned as smoothly as baseball. You've got everything from high-end headwear to the timeless varsity jacket to choose from these days, with plenty of baseball-inspired shirts to go 'round.

Then again, it's difficult to imagine many other Western sports making the crossover as naturally. I guess cycling is having more than a moment right now, and basketball gear is perfect athleisure but you don't really dress either of those up à la Polo.

Plus, maybe it's for the best: soccer jerseys are big, big money these days but they're not the kinda thing you'd wanna wear on the daily (can't speak for Europe, though).

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