Post Malone may be preparing his plush apocalypse bunker up in Utah, but down in Texas, the musician returned to his roots for a journey fit for his absurdist soul. Returning to desert sands that he grew up around in Grapevine, TX, the artist leaned into his role as the tatted poster child of slacker boys worldwide with a sunglass collab fit for leaning back in a lawn chair as the sun sets.

A few months after venturing into the desert with Arnette to unveil two new styles of shades — the Streetstyle Collection and an eco-friendly Sustainable Collection — the duo is back for the next logical step int heir creative partnership: the one-of-a-kind Post Malone Signature Style shades. Hitting up the records that’ve made him a youth icon, the sunglass maker found inspiration in his album artwork for this pair of shades, splashing a color scheme of sunset yellow and deep black across the frames.

The brand didn’t start and stop at just a signature pair of Post Malone shades, though. To round out their offerings, they also brought an Arnette Street Style Collection to the mix — adding a surrealist set of frames that include the Lizard and holographic Clayface.

With Posty’s signature style on lock, all the shades Arnette is dropping feel like the perfect accessories for riding out the winter months in style. Now if you need us, we’ll be taking a cue from Malone and figuring out how to spend the rest of the year like he is: poolside surrounded by cacti, ATVs, and horses.

To get a close up peek at all the shapes and shades that Post Malone is flexing, head at and stay up to date with all the latest Arnette releases on Instagram.

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