Getty Images / Victor VIRGILE

Might Prada soon be the NBA's next official uniform supplier? Hell NO! But if it was, then perhaps yesterday's FW20 women's show gave us an insight into what the jerseys would look like. Yes, you read that right. Prada basketball jerseys are now a thing.

"We can be strong and feminine at the same time," Miuccia Prada told gathered press after the show, a sentiment that played out on the runway as "clichés of femininity" — see the fringed skirts and sequin adornments — were placed alongside pieces considered traditionally masculine. There were more of those awesome bibs, too. Of course, the basketball jerseys (that oh-so-obvious embodiment of virility) were no ordinary basketball jerseys. Rather, they arrived transparent and ran below the knee, flaring at the bottom like a dress. As far as gender-fluid fashion statements go, it's a powerful one, disentangling all normative associations with the sportswear staple in a way that doesn't feel forced.


Would the jersey be an advisable thing to wear when playing actual ball? Absolutely not. Would A$AP Rocky and Rihanna alike look amazing in it on the red carpet? Yes, one thousand times yes! Miuccia's other concept for the evening was “valuing and glamorizing everyday things." With sportswear like this, she's outdone herself.

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