The toys we played with as kids are, for most of us, immediate triggers back to a time of innocence when we had nothing else to do all day but eat, sleep, and play. With the economy, politics, and the state of the planet as they are right now, PUMA wants to tap into this nostalgic sentiment and take us back to those carefree days with its latest drop, the RS-X Toys.

The RS-X Toys is the second drop of PUMA’s new RS-X model, which launched last month with the RS-X Reinvention. It follows a year of banger releases from the leaping cat brand kicked off with the RS-0 back in March and continued with the Thunder Spectra, the RS-100, RS-350, and a whole roster of on-point collaborations.

As with previous RS models, the new sneaker’s informed by past technologies (namely an ‘80s running system cushioning tech) but its exaggerated design anchors it firmly in the present.

Highsnobiety / Ahmed Chrediy
Highsnobiety / Ahmed Chrediy
Highsnobiety / Ahmed Chrediy

The sneaker slips right into the ever-strong chunky trend with a colorful patchwork leather and mesh upper, and a chunky sole that features the RS-tech midsole called out in red or black. Inspired by retro toys, the new RS-X kicks drop in two playful colorways: a black option boasting hits of green and pink, and a primary-colored iteration.

If you’ve been hesitant to jump on the chunky trend, the RS-X Toys is a wallet-friendly choice coming in at $120. Plus, as you can see in the images on this page shot by Highsnobiety’s team, they look pretty damn good, too.

Highsnobiety / Ahmed Chrediy
Highsnobiety / Ahmed Chrediy
Highsnobiety / Ahmed Chrediy

The RS-X Toys drops on November 15 worldwide, except in the U.S. where it’ll be available from mid-December.

  • Photographer: Ahmed Chrediy
  • Concept: Shane Gormley & Ahmed Chrediy
  • Light: Frank Freppon
  • Light Assistant: Koshi
  • Set Designer: Lukas Koncalek
  • Set designer Assistant: Jakob
  • Production: Fania Folaji
Words by Lucy Thorpe
Associate Branded Content Editor
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