After opening up to GQ about the beef with Drake, his latest album DAYTONA and more, Pusha T was a guest on Julie Adenuga's Beats 1 radio show on Thursday, and the artist spoke on other glaring topics. King Push delved on what it's like being president of G.O.O.D. Music, discusses the rumor of Kanye West putting out 52 records in 52 weeks, what continues to set him apart in the rap game, hinting at a possible joint G.O.O.D. Music tour on the way, and more.

Here's a few key takeways from the full interview, which you can view in its entirety in the video above.

On being an artist and music president.

P: "I feel like that part of the maturation process of Pusha T, it’s like I’ve been in this game for a minute and I’ve been the selfish artist, like I just want all the attention, but I feel like what keeps me competitive in this space and in the game right now is having extensions to other artists and looking at the game through their eyes."

On Kanye’s 52 albums in 52 weeks.

P: "I didn’t even hear about that from him (Kanye) I saw it online like you did and I ignored it the best way I could. I was like, this thing come across my radar and I’mma act like it doesn’t even exist… I’m only 100% focussed on G.O.O.D, so if you mean 52 albums, then I’m gonna just stay within the G.O.O.D family. If he has some like you know personal extensions that he’d like to do that he’s gonna put himself to task too, that’s fine."

On his favorite June G.O.O.D Music release outside of DAYTONA.

P: "Teyana is my favorite… People don’t know that my love for R&B is like, London, London R&B, the R&B that I used to hear when I’d come over here and it was like Garage, but they used to have like amazing women singing and I’d never knew who they were. They used to like sing really really ill over these beats and it was crazy but umm that’s why London sort of became one of my favourite cities and it’s just that whole R&B vibe, I love R&B music. I love the writing that goes into R&B music, more so the writing when the writings like good and hits you right here. It’s dope, more so than the melodies for me"

On Teyana Taylor.

P: "Teyana is super talented and a lot of time it’s just about timing, you know I feel like she’s been waiting in the wings for a minute but sometimes it lines up, you know it starts with ‘Fade’ and people beginning to see her greatness and how she is and how she’s matured over the years. Yeah but I mean, I think there’s plenty of more room on the G.O.O.D roster."


P: "Like I said, I’ve been in this a long time, I’m walking around feeling blessed, you know really. I’ve been in it for a minute and I’m competitive in it. A few different revelations have hit me, like who is putting out a Daytona 16 years into their career, I don’t know and I really think I got album of the year. Rap album of the year for sure… When it comes to street lyric driven hip-hop I don’t believe anyone else in this World can give you what I’ma give you, as far as the streets go. This is like articulate, high taste level, drug luxury rap. You know, this is pitfalls, you know… I don’t know if any other rapper can give you what I give you like this. And it’s funny to me because I hadn’t put out an album in 3 years."

On his next album.

P: "I already have my next project in my mind and I don’t know if I’m gonna limit it to seven. Initially, I wasn’t with the seven track gang, I was against it... The biggest mistake I would’ve ever made was go past seven. The seven tracks wasn’t just about me, it was about everybody. When you think about seven tracks coming from one guy, 5 times, that’s 35 beats, in 5 weeks."

On a joint G.O.O.D music tour.

P: "That’s what we’re trying to figure out right now, just how we’re gonna do it. I’ve already booked a tour, but you know I definitely see us doing this as a collective for sure, and not even by my word, by Ye’s I already see it happening."

On working with UK artists.

P: "I do have a record with Stormzy, you know I think Skepta’s dope as well, Giggs."

On 070 Shake.

P: "This was a personal Ye pick for Shake. Loved her energy and Shake is vert self sufficient, has her little cult of followers. I went and watched her, she had a mixtape release party for her last project and I go in there and they’re raging jumping off stage. She has it so well put together, great management and she’s ready man, she’s ready. And I feel like Shake’s energy is what sort of dictated Kanye’s moves musically as well. He feeds off of energy and Shake was there. Shake was in Wyoming with us."

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