pusha t succession hbo cover
Getty Images / Matthew Eisman

Earlier this week, Pusha-T revealed that he created a remix of  Succession’s theme song in collaboration with the HBO show’s composer, Nick Britell.

The track is titled “Puppets” and remixes the OG version’s classical influence with Pusha’s rap vocals. In it, he drops bars about the show’s Roy family and their demons, particularly its main character Logan Roy, with whom Pusha-T says he felt a connection with after binge-watching the first season.

“The greed, the resentment, the idea anybody is basically disposable— that’s a gangsta movie type of quality,” he told Vulture. “On Succession, it’s involving family, it’s like, Whoa! It’s a bit more shocking. And so that’s what made the writing process fun, because I could use all of the street, gangster rap nuances and qualities and energy and incorporate it into the theme of the music. It was really just a dope exercise, honestly.”

Stream Pusha- Ts “Puppets” below.

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