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R. Kelly teased a new song via Instagram Live this Sunday night, a 19-minute-long beast of a track in which he addresses the numerous allegations that have arisen against him — from from sexual misconduct and dating young women, to the #MuteRKelly movement, to being illiterate.

Titled “I Admit It,” the track — in which he actually vehemently denies most claims — is exceptionally frank for the normally tight-lipped artist. Listen via the multi-page post below.

Referencing specific cases, such as the allegations made by Jocelyn Savage’s parents, who accused him of brainwashing and imprisoning their daughter, Kelly sang: “Said I’m abusing these women, what the fuck that’s some absurd shit (what?)/ They’re brainwashed, really? (really)/ Kidnapped, really? (really)/ Can’t eat, really? (really)/ Real talk, that shit sound silly (yeah).”

He also says that while he does “fuck with all the ladies that’s both older and young,” the allegations of being a pedophile are “crazy,” adding that he’s only opening up about all of this because of how “they tryna play me.”

For a full lyrical break down, head over to Consequence of Sound.

If you have been sexually harassed or assaulted, there are resources to help you.

Donate to Rape Crisis here (UK) or RAINN here (U.S.).

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