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If there’s one thing we know about Rick and Morty, it’s that no story is too stupid or too crazy, and that’s just been proven again by co-creator Dan Harmon. Taking to Instagram, Harmon posted photos of a bunch of Post-its containing ideas for Rick and Morty season five.

We can’t see them all, but highlights include “Bark-Nado,” “The People’s (Basketball) Court,” “Morty Buys a Boat,” “Artificial Person with a Real Leg,” “Planet Powered by Chips and Salsa,” “Wesley Sniper,” and, our favorite, “When-Wolf.” Flick through the galleries below to see more.

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Okay there is one in here that I want to write

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Harmon revealed that there is at least one idea in there that he wants to write. Sadly, we’ll have a long time to wait before finding out which ideas made the cut. Season four doesn’t air until November this year and the show typically needs a year or two between seasons.

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