For over a century now, Rusell Athletic has been delivering high-quality, in-demand sportswear. Its legacy is one of innovation — it was the first apparel company to use screen printing — and reinvention. Its newest Spring Summer 21 collection honors this history while centering the brand firmly in the present.

The collection is replete with athletic-inspired fits that feel both timeless and very of the moment. The collection itself is split into four distinct themes — Sporting Elements, Hip-Hop Streetwear, Monogram, and Earth Color Wash — each with its own take on the Russell archive.

The Sport series, as the name suggests, takes the sports field as its main inspiration. Expect academic prints and color contrast knitting to give the clothes a traditional athletic feel. For the Hip Hop drop, Russell looks to the iconic hip-hop styles of the 1980s. Here you’ll see oversized logos, which give the clothes an extra graphic edge, and looser fits. Logomania goes all the way with the Monogram drop. For this set, Russell’s featured their logo repeated over and over in their classic blue and red on both a crewneck sweatshirt and hoodie. Russell taps into the muted tone trend for the Earth Color Wash series of subtle, simple, and easy-going clothes. These short and shirt sets come in slate, sand, and dark blue.

All the looks are now available at select double-park stores, i.t stores and online here.

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