Location: Seoul, Korea

Season: Fall/Winter 2017

Key Looks: Louis Vuitton x Supreme gets the DIY treatment (slide #6), and the homemade Vetements x Reebok kicks (slide #10) are actually pretty convincing from afar.

Editor’s Notes: While South Korea’s nascent fashion community is thriving and producing some of the most directional fashion talents we’ve seen in a while, the country’s ridiculously huge market for counterfeit fashion goods is booming in tow.

Korea’s market for fake fashion is so big that Vetements went and launched an “Official Fake” garage sale at Seoul Fashion Week last year. South Korea is not only the second largest market for Vetements after the United States, but it’s also home to the most knockoffs, with entire stores dedicated to selling one-offs of Vetements styles, for much cheaper prices (obviously).

Though Vetements responded by producing its own bootleg of "Vetements fakes," it seems a more unapologetic and brazen trend for DIY, customized fakes is now emerging among Seoul’s street style set.

We spotted plenty of show-goers at Seoul Fashion Week FW17 sporting customized jackets with DIY ironic designer insignia, as well as people wearing glaringly obvious fakes as part of their look (the claptrap replicas of OFF-WHITE utility belts were basically ubiquitous).

Perhaps, it’s just Seoul’s fashionistas indulging in some self-reflexive irony, but it’s a trend that’s certainly gaining some big traction. So, is it time to grab your Sharpies and start perfecting the Supreme Box Logo? Probably not, but some DIY treatment is an easy way to flex some creativity and upgrade your existing look.

For more street style action from Seoul, see our latest report here.

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