After initially launching in their home country of Canada, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's weed brand, Houseplant, is finally coming to the United States. The cannabis products will first be available in California — as much of the country has yet to legalize marijuana — while Houseplant accessories will be up for grabs nationwide.

The Houseplant accessory line is called House Goods, and Rogen and Goldberg are betting big on the product range, seeing it as a means to introduce the overall brand to consumers all across America.

“House Goods is our path to be able to build a relationship with people nationwide right from the start,” CEO and co-founder Michael Mohr told Fast Company. “The legal patchwork from state to state and federally makes it very challenging to scale a cannabis business in the US right away.”

Houseplant's retro-inspired weed accessories have quickly become just as popular as the brand's strains of weed. Again, this is not by chance, as Rogen and Goldberg have prioritized the House Goods products, insisting they are just as important as other objects often showcased in a person's home.

“I don’t drink, but I have a bar. I have a martini shaker. I have corkscrews, champagne glasses, all of that,” Rogen said. “It’s because alcohol, which I do not think is a good substance, gets a lot of reverence and has been celebrated. It gets a lot of thought put into the design and lifestyle of those who consume and enjoy it. That same thought hasn’t been put into weed. And we are more than happy to be the ones to be doing that.”

For the line of accessories, Rogen and the Houseplant team largely draw from mid-century modern furnishings. Rogen himself is responsible for numerous designs, as you can watch him craft a Houseplant ashtray below. For more on the cannabis company, visit and follow @houseplantus on Instagram.

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